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Recharge BD Online offering you to make your gorgeous website. you can make your website very easily from us. we provide attractive and professional website for you.

who we are ?

Well !!! . we are group of student, studying different university in London, United kingdom. we working different project since 2006. we have official office in london. we also have office in france and germany. recently we are working to make office around the world also around bangladesh. we mean every district in bangladesh. hope fully we will do everything for you .

To see our project go to our website : ASJ Web Solution .Com and see the details . by the way 2014 september our documentary published in ALzerazia world. we think it is great achieve to us . See Our video on al jazeera Youtube


what we serve for you?

Website design
Mobile application
Graphic design
Video editing
Build up SEO
Affiliate program
Web Hosting
Dedicated Servers
E-commerce business
Internet marketing









After chosen , send us a service request. here. so our professional team will handle that for you

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