Privacy and Refund policy


Please read our terms and condition before you process our service. by visiting or using this website you agree to comply with the following terms and welcome again to our Family.


General Terms and Condition

1. Recharge takes 0.55 seconds,But its very hard, Every 0.55 second later later To Check Our Balance that,Our Honorable Client paid or not.But it wont take more then 5 minutes. So whenever we see your balance on our server we will recharge within 0.55 Seconds. and also inform you that,if it is not official time or offline,recharge may delay.

2. all the user of must have to buy your product very carefully . there are so many price way that you can make price for your purchase. please check our rates before make your checkout.

3. we have the legally to change our product price at any time. but before change our any product price we will

mail you . if you wannna know more about our service just email us.

4.we can say that our price are chepe we never takes a single "Taka" For extra charge.

5. Any system error or interruption may delay the overall recharge process of

6. you can send top up 20 Taka to any amount. if you want to more recharge then 5000taka you can contact with us.

7. If any problem regarding your purchase , our agent have right to call your number for make sure you got your purchase or not.

Return and Refund policy

1. transferred credit to wrong or invalid or inactive wil not refunded. if you forgot to enter your destination number, we will contact via email to give the number.

2.If you dont get your recharge within 24 hours.or our others service as our time table you can contact with us for a refund.

3. we always try to recharge quickly but sometimes its takes long time for the maximum volume of recharge. support paypal. and we not responsible to change paypal policy. you can recharge via different source . like western union and bank transfer. you can find all the payment gateway in our recharge page. if you need more payment system you can contact us.

5. payment showing USD. It will convert automatically when you pay via paypal.

6. we do not have any responsiblity about converting currency . it fully depent on international market. try our currency converter on recharge page.

7. we never send you any mail to payment. so be careful if you get any mail for payment using our name. if any reason we will contact with you.

8. Any refund service you have to pay 1usd. so be sure before your order .


Privacy policy

1 we never share any mail information or any personal information to any third parties. in this case you do not need to register our service.

2. IF there is problem going on to recharge we may contact with you ,but if we dont get response from you then we may or may not contact with your Destination number to conform you got recharge or not.

3. when anyone entered that IP address and other information we will recorded for any further issue and investigation.

4.we may contact you for any new promotion or upgrade .

Money Transfer-Buy-Sell

1. Money Transfer and bikash will takes 1or 2 days after successful payment.

2. Credit Transfer will takes 1 or 2 hours after successful recharge.

3. we can refund if there are any problem,but if you put wrong info and we already delivered ,in that case we cant do anything.

Bkash number rules

Please do not call our baksh number. if you want to contact with us just simply go to contact us page.

Why i will not call your baksh number though i am sending money to your bkash?

Answer: Basically we are not generating this number as a customer care. we just receive money as a software. This is just a number not a mobile phone.(some guys may think we are cheating. if we are cheating, why we will say don not call rather then we will say call and we talk nicely after that cheat with you. lol...


Live chat

1 live chat is avaliable more then 15 hours a day. you do not need live chat to recharge but if you fell any hesitation you can live chat with us.

2. you can chat with us in english and bangla version.



Mobile Top Up by e-wallet

Why we are great?

1. We Never Cheat.

2. Faster and safe service.

3. Challenging "Cheap Price".

4. Never ask your card details.

5. Any problem100% refund.

6. Pre-paid /Post-paid service.

7. 24/7 live chat system.

8. Register/without Register.

9. Can view the latest condition of your payment.

10. Any Mistake we will Recharge fully Free!!!!!!!.

11.Frist Recharge up to 50 Taka Bonus!!!!!

12.Special BD Balance offer for any Festival in Bangladesh.