Get dollar From Bkash,Dbbl,bank,mcash To paypal,skrill,okpay,perfect money,neteller,payza,bitcoin

you can Transfer Balance from Bkash,Dbbl,bank,mcash To paypal,skrill,okpay,perfect money,neteller,payza,bitcoin. If you want to pay your client dollar but you dont have dollar on your e wallet . we can give you. just simply send Taka to our account and we will give Dollar to your account. so many guys making money online but they cannot withdraw their money in their account.So here is the solution.

Also you can Get Taka to Bkash,Dbbl,bank,mcash

When you exchanging/withdraw money - you have to pay charge for that. but this charge not only for us . its depend on paypal, payza , skrill , neteller , egopay , okpay , perfect money then you have to pay our government tax (london) then you have to pay our charge . so how it is works . we can not do anything here.

Get dollar in e-wallet when you sending money via bkash ,mcash,dbbl or bank

Please Do Not Call Our Bkash Number.

Why i will not call your bkash number though i am sending money to your a/c?

Answer: Basically we are not generating this number as a customer care. we just receive money as a software. This is just a number not a mobile phone. (some guys may think we are cheating. if we are cheating, why we will say do not call rather then we will say call and we talk nicely after that cheat with you. lol...) If you want you can contact us . here

Exchange minimum 10usd .

এই অংশটি ব্যাবহার করুন যদি আপনি আপনার টাকা ডলারে ট্রান্সফার করতে চান



If you pay via bank just simply send us Total amount to our bank

If you pay via bKash: send Taka To our bkash (including 2% bKash fee)

DBBL Mobile Bank: send Taka To our dbbl (including 2% dbbl fee)

You dont need any extra charge for transfer money but some of VIP customer request for that service

Normal service ( 24 to 48 hours) free. medium service (8 hours) charge =1usd. quick service( 5 minute to 10 minute ) charge = 2usd. Remember !! This charge is extra from above charges.

  • 1. Send Total amount to our Bkash,Dbbl,bank. Contact with us to get bank account.

    2. send money with your side charge . we will bear our side charge .

    3. Go Here and request your sending bkash,dbbl,mcash or bank account number, amount and transfer details.

    4. Done. we will give you money to your e-wallet.

After successful payment make a service request Here.